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 Short Timeline
 Posted: Dec 12 2015, 12:22 PM

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Short Timeline

This is a very simple timeline, more of an important dates list. If you would like to know more in-depth for what relates to what in the show, please visit this site. HERE

April 2010

- Beginning of the outbreak.

It takes about two weeks for things to get really bad. Over those two weeks there are reports of people attack others and of shootings and riots.

The army comes in soon after and tries for about two weeks in some places, a month in others, to keep things contained. But even they are overrun.

Sept. 2011

- About where the episode Too Far Gone is in the show. This is where we go AU. It during the Governor's attack on the Prison with what is left of Martinez's camp. The prison group is separated.

May 2012

- After months of traveling in smaller groups, the Convoy is finally reunited. After Eugene's secret mission is revealed, they decide to continue traveling east to Washington D.C.

July 2012

- It comes out that Eugenes secret mission was a lie. The group settles temporarily in an abandoned safe zone in Arlington, VA while they wait for winter to pass and decide where to go from here.

Oct. 2012

- A hurricane hits the east coast. The resulting storm reaches the Convoy in Arlington, forcing them to hunker down for safety. The storm causes flooding and some structural damage to the safe zone they're living in.


Summer 2013

The site goes by season rather than month as posting does not happen that quickly. The current season is SUMMER but will be switching to FALL September 22nd.

This means that it has been THREE YEARS since the outbreak.

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Summer 2013
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