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 Group Information
 Posted: Jun 25 2015, 10:08 PM

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Group Info

Quick bit about each group

Seven Lakes

Just a group of different survivors who found themselves working together to get further. Home base is the Seven Lake Country Club where the leaders from each group live together. They are the voice of their own group since they are spread out throughout the lakes. Kyle Blackwell, Kamilla Dudek and Valerie Kingston were the founders of the group. Joining forces to help each other out and make themselves a home. As the group expands the leaders of the groups come forward and move into the country club with Kyle and Kamilla. The homes along the lakes are where others in the group stay. Communication between the area is important and a perimeter is being established to keep everyone safe. They work together, survive together.

All About Seven Lakes (#ff6666)

Seven Lakes Group Plotter

Operation New Dawn

Operation New Dawn, otherwise known as OND, is a group lead by a former member of the Australian Royal Navy Lt. Gwendolyn Rose-Chandler. OND were formed with the goal of preserving as much of human society as possible so that they may rebuild humanity. OND rely heavily on the waterways even going so far as to build most of their community upon the waters of Skiffes Creek and upon the Third Port just outside Fort Eustis they have re-purposed the existing some of the existing structures for food storage and intake. The group rely heavily on their military backbone to thrive and civilians are primarily charged with day to day chores as well as learning from other members of the group in order to preserve skills and trades.

All About Operation New Dawn (#B20404)

Operation New Dawn Group Plotter


This group resides in the Alexandria Safe Zone, a walled community of expensive houses designed for sustainability. It features its own solar grid, cisterns, and eco-based sewage filtration. The residents of Alexandria have all of the comforts of home in the apocalypse. For current information about the group, PM Deanna Monroe or Amy. This group is NOT just for canons. OCs are welcome in it as well!

All About Alexandria (#DD691B)

Alexandria Group Plotter


Those that wander alone through the wastelands are found in this group. They have no permanent ties to any of the existing, settled groups.


Lake Townsend

After Woodbury fell, Philip needed something to run. There is still few in the group, but consists people of much talent. Generally anyone can join unless Philip and Iris or a member of the group, sees something in you that would raise eyebrows. Pm Victoria (Philip Blake) and/or Jax (Iris Waters) for more information.

All About the Country Club (#40BA02)

LT Group Plotter

IRA (Irish Republican Army)

Unlike the original IRA, they don’t handle drugs. Weapons and food, things that people truly needed to survive these days. The Whalens had agreed when in Woodbury that they would one day restart it and make it for what it originally was. Not about drugs, but about supplying those who cannot do it themselves. The weapons are kind of a necessity thing to survive these days. They are always looking for more, but if they find someone is doing the opposite of what they are, they will not hesitate to kick them out or worse. None are shy to murder. PM Alex Whalen or Vic if you have any questions.

All About the IRA (#335C33)

IRA Group Plotter


Shajara started as a few people, family and friends, laying low at the beginning of the outbreak. Since then they have grown, adding members and building a tribal tree village in the forests of Unwharrie National Park. The tribe is led by a committee of leaders that includes the three original members, Kinley and Naadir Faris and Jack Wells, who have concocted their own set of rules and laws to guide their people through the aftermath of the outbreak. PM Jenks or Jax with any questions.

All About Shajara (#8FAB91)

Shajara Group Plotter

Group Not Dead

Started and led by Rebecca Burns, this group started off as just the Burns siblings looking to stick together and protect each other. But as they came across others that were in need of help, they grew into more. Currently the group has split into two, one located at the family ranch in Farmville, VA and the other traveling in search of the Burns family patriarch. PM Jenks if you have any questions.

All About Group Not Dead (#01838D)

GND Group Plotter


Insomnia sits nestled deep within the forests of North Carolina, almost entirely cut off from the outside world. The ranch has become a fortress since the world ended with thick wooden walls, squat watchtowers and a defensible gatehouse. Within their walls, the ranch continues to function in much the same way with livestock, horses and crops. Every time a new member joins they begin to construct a new home for them and they use the original house as a community hub with storage and temporary lodgings.

All About Insomnia (#00E5D4)

Insomnia Group Plotter

Dirty Memphis Ten

The Dirty Memphis Ten is actually a group of eleven people, all survivors, who originally found themselves in Richmond three years into the outbreak. It started as Ryder Hawthorne, alone, surviving in her refurbished mechanic garage. As time went by, she found people - or people found her - and they congregated in her garage, clinging to a safe place amidst the chaos. But they soon outgrew the garage and traveled west. There they meet others and joined forces at an old bed and breakfast inn. The inn is nestled in the foothills of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. They're survivors, here to stay, but they've kept their moral compass despite the way the world is now. Oh, and the name? They came up with that after a night of drinking homemade moonshine...

All About Dirty Memphis Ten (#16238F)

Dirty Memphis Ten Group Plotter


Founded by a group of four misfit survivors, the Firebrands don't much care who you are; they just want your stuff. Established in a foundry on the outskirts of Baltimore, the furnaces are put to use forging crude weaponry which the Firebrands use to defend their territory, rob 'trespassers,' and satiate the embittered rage which seems in some way to drive most of the group. Tempers run hot in the foundry, and scraps aren't uncommon. However, the price for taking a life in the sanctum is a grim and simple one: you die. Of the founders' punishments, the group's chief smith - Isabella Kohr - has perhaps doled out the most memorable in recent history: stuffing a man's upper body into a furnace, before breaking his knee as he tried to pull away. In her own words: "The fire needed containing."

All About the Foundry (#6335a5)

Firebrands Group Plotter

Old Sages Mill

Lead by Deanna Powell, this is still a small group that resides in an old mill house that they have made into a safe haven. PM Deanna Powell or Jax if you have any questions.

All About the Mill (#9085B5)

OSM Group Plotter

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