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welcome to whispers into screams! this site is au post the season 4 mid-season finale. please read the rules and check out the canon list!

we are officially open as of july 17, 2015. stop in the cbox and say hi. have fun and don't get eaten! (by zombies or cannibals!)
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 Posted: Jun 1 2015, 01:25 AM

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The Rules

Mandatory Read

All rules are subject to change at admins decision. We will post an announcement if things change. Please keep this in mind and obey all rules.
New rules below in second post!

  • This site is rated R. We have several rules when it comes to mature threads that go over the rating of PG-13. These being the following: If you are going to get graphic with your violence, please put a rating on it in the TOPIC. It MUST be the topic as sub-topics are often not viewable on mobile. Any character younger than 18 will not be allowed to have mature PMs or threads. These characters MUST fade to black. Anyone older than 18 will be allowed to have mature threads in our mature forum, here.
  • Canons are first come, first serve. Reservations will last for two weeks. If a character is not created within that time, your reservation will be revoked. Two canons per member as a base. If you would like more than two canons, speak to the admin team. Additional canons may be allowed pending admin approval.
  • We have a three strike policy. First rule break is a warning. Second rule break is a warning and close moderation of your activity on the site. Third rule break earns a ban.
  • Discrimination/Prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated in OOC.
  • Do not post anywhere IC until an application has been accepted. You may post in the OOC boards.
  • No OOC fights, if there is a problem PM an administrator and we will help you sort it out.
  • Be respectful to admins and other members.
  • No advertising in the chat boxes. We have a board for that.

  • OOC accounts are allowed.
  • Please register with the First and Last name of your character with proper capitalization.
  • One character per account
  • Sub accounts are enabled to allow for quick changeover of characters.

  • Post your application with the topic like so: Last Name, First name. The topic description should be: age(in numbers) || member group || Playby
  • RP sample does NOT have to be of this character. It's simply to show others how you write (if they care to look)
  • You may post a WIP in the correct sub-forum and let the staff know when it is finished.
  • As per usual, no Mary Sues or Gray Stus please.
  • The admins will get to your application in time. Please do not push them to look at it.
  • We will not be accepting characters under the age of thirteen(13).
  • Two staff acceptances are required. (One MUST be from Jax as owner of the site)
  • Any wanted ad that is being filled must be approved by the requester first!
  • When applying for a canon, it is asked you use the Traditional application outline as it gives more information on them.
  • To create another character, your first character must have all claims filled out, be placed on the map and be active in at least one current thread. Canon characters must have at least 5 posts a month to be considered active. Keep this in mind if you are applying for a new canon.

  • All characters must have a face.
  • Check the Face Claim to ensure that the face you wish to claim is not already claimed.
  • Play-Bys must be real, public people.
  • Please bear in mind that there are some celebrities that do not want their faces used in roleplays.
  • No internet famous, myspace famous, youtube personalities, etc.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CHILD ACTORS. As per Jcink ToS, all faces must be at least of thirteen(13) years of age.

  • WiS runs off of a two acceptance application system.
  • Claims must be done and mini profile filled in before you can receive a second acceptance.
  • You will have one week to decide and place your character on the map after acceptance. If, after two weeks you are still not on the map, your character will be moved to pending again until completed.
  • If your character is joining a group, please be sure to look up the group's information page here and add them to the page. You will have one week to do this after acceptance as well.

Activity Checks
  • There will be an activity check, also known as ac at the admin's discretion.
  • If your account has not been active since the 15th of the previous month, you will receive a PM.
  • You must have all claims filled in to be allowed to post on the site.
  • If you don't meet those, you will get a pm from a staff member stating that you need to respond back or you will not pass it.
  • If you don't pass it, the claims for that character will be removed and your account deleted.

Roleplaying on the Site
  • No God-Moding or Power Playing. This means you can not control another person's characters unless given permission.
  • No Liquid Time. The site is by season, relating as close as possible to the season of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • As there is no liquid time. Please try to keep a reasonable timeline for your characters.
  • All new threads MUST include a Season/Time of Day and Location in the first post.
  • Please be reasonable with pregnancies on this site. There has been an apocalypse, there is not the health care that there used to be and protection will only work for so long. (Unless they had an operation before the breakout, because let's face it, condoms and pills aren't going to be of too much use now)
  • All characters are responsible for their actions. There are no take backs. Once a post is posted, it can not be taken back. Remember, actions have consequences.
  • We ask that everyone please use proper grammar on the site. We understand a typo here and there from posting on mobile, but constant improper grammar will result in a PM from the admins.
  • Point of View in posts is to be written in past tense. This means: "Stop it." She told him. and NOT "Stop it." She tells him.C od ew o rd: t hu n der
  • NOTE: All times listed in the descriptions of each place are given in travel by car.

  • Avatars are 250 x 450
  • Mini Gif/Icon in mini profile is 170 x 100.
  • Gif/Icon in profile is 100 x 100.
  • Charater Development Forum images are 230 x 80.

  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • If you use a plot page, posting format or anything else from sites such as Caution 2.0, ATF, RPG-D, Leave the credits on!

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