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 Posted: Jun 1 2015, 01:25 AM

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The Plot

Welcome to the Ruins of the World

The world has fallen into chaos in the wake of a horrific illness that's swamped humanity. The dead are alive, walking, and very hungry for human flesh. Bloodshed still spills out on the streets to this day as the walking dead ravage building after building, snagging the dregs of humanity that fight desperately for their lives. Food is at an all time low, and lawlessness and wild animals rein supreme. Your only hope is to find a way to survive, to cling to other humans or risk going alone; The dead are not the worst things lurking amongst the derelict skeletons of society. Cannibals, Convicts and Psychopaths run rampant; doing as they please, how they please, when they please. They kill each-other, hunt and eat each-other without mercy. So, who are you? And how do you plan on surviving?

We are now four years into the apocalypse. Please keep that in mind as you create and play in our world.

Welcome to the end of days.

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