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Jun 11 2017, 08:53 AM
Spring 2013
Woods near the convoy's camp/homebase

Laura had almost felt at home in the wilderness, no doubt there was dead everywhere. Yet she wasn’t that worried she worked hard in making a camp for herself, there was no impenetrable walls, gates to keep the bad out, yet there was subtle rope with noise clanging attached to the rope that would alert her to the undead being nearby and once she had that done Laura pulled out the mirrors that she pulled from numerous wreckage of cars and planted them at different angles widening her range of view giving her an advantage from people or walkers she would see them hopefully before they see her.

Laura opened the back door of an old abandoned car and threw her stuff in it, Laura closed the door and opened the boot climbing in she closed the door and huddled in it, she looked at the sky from what the trees and what part of the sky she could see, Laura did her best not to think about her mother which was something she struggled with every time she slept in the boot of a car, it was a place she felt haunted and safe at the same time. It was also the last place Laura ever saw her mother, when she closed to the boot of the car so she would be safe from her mother.

Laura would spend the rest of her life wondering why her mother didn’t climb into the boot with her, the popular theory Laura had, was the fact that her mother didn’t love her enough to stay that she would rather be eaten alive than be with her. It was an ugly thought that had haunted Laura for the last three years. Laura heard a jingling followed by a loud cuss word in the distance, Laura closed the boot of the car and waited quietly she could hear two voices talking to each other.

Laura felt her heart race, she moved as quietly as possible hiding her gun under the pillow she had rested her head on, if these assholes were smart enough to check the boot hopefully they wouldn’t be smart enough to check under the pillow. Laura listened to the voices get closer they seemed to wonder who was at the camp ground and where she they were hiding. She listened to one of the guys announce how he was going to take a leak. Laura heart’s raced faster as the boot opened and she saw an ugly looking guy Laura noticed the smirk on the guy’s face he looked like he had just won a prize he pulled Laura out of the boot by the arm she listened to the uncreative words he described her and she looked the jerk in the eyes.

She listened to the man call her a sweetbut as if she was some biker toy to bang “I’m not trophy wife material, I don’t kiss nice” Laura spoke annoyed she listened as the guy boldly told her she could be trained, she glanced at one of the hidden mirrors and saw a walker in the distance. The young teenager glanced at the alarm she had made to see the line broken thanks to the scavengers tripping it, she looked around and saw a walker directly behind the scavenger only twenty feet away Laura told the man that she could see the future and that it would be wise not to anger her.

The scavenger laughed and told her that he could see the future too, he foresaw her on her knees in front of him Laura faked a cough and she leaned against the boot as the scavenger laughed he seemed so amused by himself and Laura faked another cough capturing the attention of the walker she looked at her would be oppressor “yeah….no, you’re consumed by lust, but you will soon be consumed whole, it will be a painful end” she had spoke loud enough for the walkers groans to be masked and kept it somewhat subtle all that could be heard was the footsteps of the walker. The would be oppressor thought that it was his comrade Laura listened as he boasts about his find and suddenly the man screamed in agony as the walker took a big bite out of the neck “told ya so,enjoy being a human happy meal I gotta go” she spoke as the girl grabbed her gun she placed it in her gun holster and shook her head the guy trying to fight off the undead.

Laura opened the back door of the guitar pulling out her staff and her guitar, she knew she didn’t have time to pack her stuff and so she ran fast and as she ran she saw another guy being eaten alive, she wondered if it’s because his guard was lowered. Laura kept running her eyes always forward and never looking back, her shelter for the evening had been compromised and now she needed somewhere else to crash.

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