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Jun 7 2017, 05:37 AM
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Regaining consciousness, Mike gasped and his eyes flew open. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been out for, but he knew it couldn’t have been too long. Looking around, he saw that he was alone in this room, and the room itself was bare. He could see the stairs that led up to the door, the dim lightbulb that was lighting the room and a small window in the corner of the room, but other than that there was nothing else that he could see. From the stairs and where the window was located, he was guessing that he was in a basement. Trying to raise his hands, he looked down and saw that his wrists were bound together with ropes, and there was also ropes binding his legs together.
And then, what had happened that had caused him to be restrained here came back to Mike: he had been scavenging a convenience store with his nephew when a truck had pulled up. He had been wary of the people, and had told his nephew to hide in the back of the store, and to not come out until he told him to. There had only been four of them, but they had been armed, and he could tell that they weren’t the nicest of guys. And he had been proven right only moments later, when they had decided to knock him out and take him with them. He hadn’t gone down easily though, he had put up a damn good fight, and he’d been able to take one of them out. But one of the others had snuck up on him and hit him in the back of the head with the stock of their gun, leading to his unconsciousness at the time.
Testing the strength of the binds, he was dismayed to find that the rope was good quality rope, and that the knot would be something he would need to work at with either his hands, or a knife on the rope itself. Looking up as he heard a noise at the door, he saw that one of his captors was coming down the stairs to him. “Well friend, you’re not having a good day.” The captor said this with a smirk on his face, having his own private joke. Not smiling, and only keeping a stoic look on his face, Mike chose to speak “What the hell do you want with me?” His captor dropped his smirk, and instead looked at him with an emotionless expression, except for his eyes…. there was something in his eyes. “There’s not a lot of entertainment left in this world, and we’re simple people. Underground fight clubs were always fun, in the old days. So, we’ve decided to make our own.” Mike’s eyes widened a bit, but he did his best to suppress any emotional reactions: these guys were going to use him as their own punch bag for their amusement.
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Rosita Espinosa and Abraham Ford
Jun 5 2017, 08:10 PM
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For now, let's call this woman Shelley. She's a survivor of the apocalypse, same as anybody else. Her circumstances and survival are all up to you, and whether she and Mike potentially knew each other before the apocalypse is also up to you. Shelley's survived for as long as she has and its left its marks, making her colder than she might have once been. Her and Mike would conflict on some things, such as maybe she's killed to survive, something he has yet to do. However, the two would have a slow burn romance: they'd become friends first, and from there, they would slowly fall for each other. She should also be in the Virginia area, either close to Alexandria or in Alexandria, or at least in that area.
While Shelley Hennig is the suggested face, because I am trash who loves Teen Wolf lol, you're definitely open to change it. Like I said, her history and personality are fully open, though she should definitely conflict with Mike to a degree.


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