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Jun 15 2017, 05:45 PM
Season: End of Spring 2013
Time: (approx.) 4:15 pm
Location: Okeewemee, North Carolina
People In This Thread: Danielle Zografos, Alexis Marlowe

Thirty-three days. At least, that's what the tally was standing at in Danielle's journal when she marked it this morning. When the sun rose, so did she. And when it set, that's when she'd find a place to hide. Alone. Yes, it was a huge gamble to leave the comfort that the DM10 had given her. The hordes were too massive, which was odd. Why were there so many again? This time, her new group went North, while she somehow made her way South. But in her heart of hearts, she knew she could never be fulfilled there. At first, she was on a mission to find the others that had run off during the massive horde of walkers that split them up in the first place. To find anyone, really. But after a few days, and a lot of terrified running, she knew it was pointless. If the two that had made it out alive were out there, they were long gone. All she could do was claim defeat, and move forward.

It took some time, being on her own completely and learning how to defend herself against all types of evil. Not that she ran into much of it. A walker, here and there. But social contact was kept to a minimum. She was on a mission. With an old, faded map, and the little bit of hope she had left, she was sacrificing her sanity and life to get back home to Clemson. It wasn't a heroic story, or for any greater good. She had no idea if anyone was alive there, or there at all. But she'd be home. That was worth something, right? Just being in her neck of the woods again, seeing the places she once knew so well. Though part of her was afraid to see what it looked like now. Torn apart, raided, and more than likely left to die. that's all this world was doing now. Dying.

If the map was right at all, she was somewhere in North Carolina. If that didn't give it away, the North Carolina sign from weeks ago did. She had no honest idea where she was, or where she was even going. It's not like she had a compass. She just had her weapons, and whatever she had in her backpack. Food was scarce, water was a blessing when found. She was starving and exhausted, but not ready to give up. Not just yet. She wasn't the type to cave easily, if at all. In fact, she couldn't think of one single time where she caved for anything. Strong-willed, she was, or maybe stubborn. It depended on who you asked.

Days grew longer as the seasons started to change. It wasn't quite summertime yet, but it was warm enough, and the daylight stayed long enough. Dani found herself wandering aimlessly, lost in the tangled web of thoughts she'd been stuck in for weeks. Was this really a good idea? Should she have stayed with the others, where it was safe and certain? Was she even going in the right direction? She stopped, pulling the folded map from her pocket. She began to walk again, her eyes fixed on the faded route lines and lack of blue words. She pulled the paper closer to her face to make out what it said, not noticing the thick branch just a few steps ahead of her. Like clockwork. Thud! She landed on her forearms, her foot caught between the branch and the ground. She was able to kick herself free without too much of a struggle, but her right arm was cut. "Shit!" she exclaimed quietly, yet animated, to herself. Of course, this would happen. She reached for the map, got up, and limped her way towards a small clearing.

Dani was hoping to find some sort of water source, but she found a small home instead. Even better! Not that she liked breaking and entering, but desperate times called for desperate measures. The front door was unlocked, which was strange. Someone must have raided the place recently since it wasn't sealed shut. She walked in slowly, her knife at the ready by her side. it was fastened on her belt, but easy to access. Not like she could hide it in her tank top, but maybe the Army pants that she'd been fortunate to find. They were a little too big, but they served their purpose. Her shoes were worn down, which meant she'd have to find new ones eventually. Luckily, they didn't make too much noise as she wandered around the place. Her eyes scanning for any medical equipment. There were some things handy, but a lot of the stuff just looked old. The newer, less dusty, stuff looked like it was just there for show. It was hard to tell. Alright, she knew she had to get whatever she needed and get the hell out of there.

Rummaging through a few piles of things, she found nothing useful. Though, she did take a shirt to hold against her arm. This pile of clothes was mostly dark colors. Not a lot of jewelry, which made sense. Who needed anything fashionable these days? She did come across something interesting. A choker. Her fingertips skimmed over the metal loops, giving her a slight Deja Vu feeling. Maybe she was just woozy. She'd known someone who wore things like this before. It was a comforting thought in a time of need for comfort. If only she could actually get the real thing, though. If only.

Tag: Alexis Marlowe
May 8 2017, 10:32 PM
Season: Spring 2013
Time: 2:00 P.M. (approx.)
Location: Richmond, Virginia - Ryder's Garage
People In This Thread: Danielle Zografos, Sophie Silvers

This was not how the whole 'stick together, fight together, never get separated' thing was supposed to go down. Obviously, since Danielle Zografos was now separated from her small group, and running for her life. In all of the movies where people were about to die, they depicted images of their lives, flashing every so gracefully before the victim's eyes. However, Dani wasn't really thinking much about her life, just the fact that is was now hanging in the balance. yeah, walkers were pretty common, of course. But when did they grow in numbers again? This felt like a whole new outbreak, with the size of the group that took out most of her traveling companions. Something felt off, but she was no scientist. Far from it.

The path Dani ran down felt like it had no end, until she saw a building up ahead. Perfect! Maybe she'd be able to find refuge there, as long as it wasn't overrun with more walkers, or people that felt they were the law. God, this world really fell to shit. But did people have to give the brutal part of society a powerful nudge in that direction still? Couldn't people just be kind to one another, help each other out like one big family? Wasn't it supposed to be us against them, and not us against them, and some of us? No matter how crazy the world got, that seemed to remain a problematic subject matter for some. Maybe if people would stop being such ignorant idiots, and help one another, there would be a better chance of survival. Or maybe Dani was just a wishful thinker, with a very creative mind, and way too much time on her hands.

She neared the bulding, picking up her running pace as fast as her legs would carry her. She was extremely tired, and completely mortified. Life had taken a turn for the most extreme worst case, and she got to sit front and center for the whole thing. The things she'd seen in the past few days were things she hadn't seen since the beginning of the apocalypse. Watching people she loved and cared about get torn apart, literally. Some turning, others screaming for help, and just a couple running in a different direction. She had no idea if they survived. Finding them was impossible, and every place she went was another trap she seemed to fall into. This building might have been her last hope, but all she needed was a glimmer of the stuff. Hope. Yeah. Whatever that was.

Dani raced to the door, pulling at the rusty handle. No luck, it was shut. Not just locked, but it felt like it was completely sealed shut. She ran to another side, finding another door. Fussing with the handle, it, too, was sealed completely closed. There was no way to enter this building. She pounded on the door, the walkers inching closer. Some were faster, some were slower, others tripped on each other. Why couldn't they all be stupid enough to fall on each other? Why was this happening? "Help!! Please!!! Help me!!" she literally cried out, pounding her fists on the door. If this was how her life was going to end, it seemed fair that it was dramatic. But this wasn't how she wanted to go. She was young, she had promise. What if the world could be a better place? She wanted to see it happen. To see humanity restored, and the walkers wiped out, the disease cured. She didn't want it to end this way. She didn't want to die.

Tag: Sophie Silvers
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