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Holden Caulfield

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Sep 8 2017, 08:03 PM
Season: Summer 2013
Time: Early Evening
Location: Conference Room in the White House
Tag: Cherice O'Hara

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Once Holden Caulfield was confident that the white house was well protected, more specifically the president, he escaped to one of the few conference rooms still left abandoned. He'd brought an old bottle of scotch he'd hidden away with the rest of his stash and anything else he didn't want others to find. He been waiting for a rainy day to open up the bottle, but he had been realizing that that rainy day might never. However, it was still his responsibility to keep the president safe, but he was confident she'd be okay in the guards hands for a few hours. While he would prefer to go out and kill a few walkers or the random person, but this was going to have to do as well. <p>

He dropped into one of the chairs around the conference table, surprised how comfortable it still was. He leaned back and rested his feet on the table in front of him. He sat for a moment just studying the bottlebefore heopened it. Holden raised the bottle to the sky, not that he had anyone to really dedicate the drink too. He barely remembered his life before his last training program. There were times he'd dream about flashes of what he thought mgiht be his past life, but he could not be sure what it was exactly. He pushed the thought from his mind as he poured some of the scotch into one of the glasses he'd brought.<p>

Holden had thought about inviting someone to join his little drinking party, but he was not sure if anyone would want to join him. He was not exactly known for being overly social. Common social practices weren't something he always understood. Though he did realize that not everyone enjoyed talking about torture or pain. He took a slow sip, enjoying the taste of the scotch. The door opened and he quickly looked over to see if it was friend or foe. Realizing that it was friend he relaxed once more and asked, "Want some?"

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