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Jeffrey Morgan

Old Sages Mill

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Sep 5 2017, 06:52 PM
Season: Mid Spring'13
Time: Afternoon
Location: Old Sages Mill
Tag: Open

Jeff sat at the kitchen table starting at his work boots angrily. He was a mechanic and was able to fix pretty much anything with an engine. Since the end of the world, Jeff had been able to find a way to expand his expertise to fixing other things around the Mill. That however had not extended to his own shoes. He knew there was a profession out there that was able to make or fix any type of shoe or boot, but that was not something Jeff had ever bothered to learn. It had never been necessary before. In the old world anytime Jeff needed a new pair of shoes or boots, he'd have just gone to his favorite store. That wasn't so easy anymore since most of the stores had been picked through for necessities like that. He was positive most things had been stolen during the riots following the outbreak.

He sighed, wishing someone in the group knew how to repair his boots. He had put this off far too long, too concerned with making sure that everyone else had what they needed. He had made sure that Eva had gotten a new pair of shoes before he'd even thought about looking for something for himself. He'd found a roll of duck tape, but it didn't have much left. The only blessing was that his work boots were black and so was the duck tape he'd found. He ripped off a piece and pressed it on the side where there was a hole. He figured it was a good thing that the bottom didn't have holes yet. Yet, being the key word there.

Jeff looked up when he heard someone enter the kitchen. "You don't happen to know anything about fixing shoes, do you?" He figured they didn't, but it was worth a shot. He shrugged and leaned down to put his other shoe back on. He would figure it out eventually, but he was sure there were other things that needed his attention more then his boots.
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