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Jeffrey Morgan

Old Sages Mill

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Feb 4 2017, 02:43 PM
Season: winter
Year: 2012
Where: Old Sages Mill

The last few months had been a bit hectic for Jeff as he had been working to prepare the group for the inpending winter. He had wanted to fix the wood burning stove so that they'd be warm and he had wanted to get some of the solar panels fixed so they would have some kind of energy. That hadn't left him very much time to do other things that he enjoyed. Now that it was cold out and there wasn't any farming to do, Jeff was free to spend a little bit of time on his motercycle. He had neglected it the last few months except when he needed to go out for a run. Now was the perfect time to tune everything up and make sure it was in semi working order. There were still one or two parts he needed to upgrade the bike with but he hadn't found them on any of his runs yet. Jeff was content sitting outside with his motercycle even in the cold. His hoody and long johns were warm enough as Jeff never really felt the cold. He always ran on the warmer side, even in the colder months.

He wiped his forehead with towel he had on his shoulder to get rid of the sweat that was collecting there. His hand brushed the side of his face leaving oil marks. Unaware of the oil smudges, Jeff went back to his task at hand. He was inspecting the fuel and brake lines to see if they would need further attentnion in the long run. He hoped that the fuel line was fine because while he could replace the breaklines at least one more time, it would take awhile before he could do anything about the fuel lines. He grunted happily as everything seemed to be in order. He knew he was indire need of a oil change, but he had yet to run accross spare cans of oil or filters in his runs. It was at the top of his list and he knew soon he wouldn't be able to take the bike out anymore in fear of ruining the engine.

Jeff pushed himself to his feet and headed over to the table to grab his water. He needed a short break before he tackled giving his baby a bath so he could put her back in storage. He hadn't planned on going out for another run yet. Though the list he had in his mind for things that he needed was getting longer.

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