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Donna Michelson

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Jun 14 2017, 09:14 PM
When: Spring 2013
Time: 9:30ish (early night time)
Location: The small country farm, a few miles away from the old Burns farm.



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<div class="ayatextbox">Tonight happened to be the night for Donna’s security duty, and Donna slept most of the day away, tucked away in the peacefulness of her tent, getting herself rested for the shift. Now that she was up, she started a steady walk toward the front, she paused looking passed the fence in the farm’s backyard and into the darkness of the forest, thinking she saw something in the corner of her eye, whatever it was seemed to move fast, faster then a walker and too small to be a bandit. Maybe it was a trick of the moonlight, she didn’t call out and she stayed quiet, that would just wake up anyone sleeping back here and she figured it to be nothing. She continued walking once more, moving passed the side of the farmhouse, she was going to be meeting and sharing guard duty with Caleb Burns, Becca’s brother.
She cleared passed the side of the house and the gate walking to the front, the front yard was large, and had a long unpaved road. There was a large tree in the front, with a tire-swing that seemed to add to the farm’s old country charm. The moon was bright tonight, and almost gave the scene a soft light. A little eerie too, if one considers that a horde of the dead were loitering just few miles down the road.
Donna walked up to the man thoughtfully. He seemed like a handsome fellow, and she offered a greeting and a smile. <B>“Hi, so you’re Caleb right?”</B> she glanced over at the tire-swing then back to him. <B>“I’m Donna, I’m...sharing security duty with you tonight.”</B>
Donna’s look tonight was a white, cozy open front cardigan, underneath that was a white V-neck T-shirt. She wore regular blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers, both aged and faded, from the normal comings and going on the road. And of course, concealed on her person was her knife and her trusty Glock.
TAG: Caleb Burns </div>

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May 6 2017, 04:33 PM

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<div class="blitzsinfo" style="margin-top: 228px;">Mechanic</div>
<div class="blitzsinfo" style="margin-top: 252px;">January 16th</div>
<div class="blitzsinfo" style="margin-top: 276px;">James Franco</div>

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Here is Caden, Donna's boyfriend. He is originally born a native Spokane, Washington. Later he moved across the country and was living in Washington DC when the outbreak of the undead started. Caden and Donna met before the outbreak when Donna took her car to the repair shop Caden was working at in DC. Originally the two took to each other, yet Donna felt a little hesitant, worried that her job would distract from any romantic investment. Apparently that did not stop Caden from trying. And over the course of two visits to the repair shop in two days, Donna agreed to one date. Then one date turned into two, and three and so on. And the two became an item.
Post Outbreak:
After the outbreak happened, Caden withdrew and became an introvert, avoiding the decay that the world became as much as possible and focusing all of his energy and time into Donna. He is mostly disgusted with any and all walkers and everything related to them and wishes for society to return, very much. Donna is the only thing that keeps him going, and motivated. And she looks after him closely as much as he does her. After spending two and a half years on the road together. The couple joined Group Not Dead, And Caden is slowly beginning to socialize with others once more.
Background and personality:
Caden is a mechanic and is well educated in fixing all things mechanical, especially cars and motorcycles. He loves martial arts too and studied that before the outbreak. He is very good at hunting and prefers to do that rather then scout urban areas. Although he will scout urban areas if asked to.
Caden has a quiet edge to him. Yet he is a very fair and compassionate thinking person. If depressed, he could easily lose himself in a bottle of alcohol. Which Donna has been mostly successful at keeping away from him so far.
Other Stuff:
Certain things like the play-by can be discussed, if you are interested and have ideas feel free to PM me.

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Jan 23 2017, 08:47 PM
Season: Early winter 2012
Time: Around 2pm
Location: Norfolk, VA
Tag: Caden Scorpio

[dohtml]<div align="center"><div style="width:500px;background-color:#000000;border-radius:0px 0px 20px 20px;border:6px double #1e1e1e;"><img src="" style="max-width:100%;"><blockquote><blockquote><font face="verdana"><div style="text-align:left;"><font size="2"><font color="#8f8378">
The traveling group had been in Norfolk for not too long. About a few days, with Donna, Mika, Becca and Elijah going out to search the naval base, and the others of the group staying behind to look after the horses. Every now and then with various members going out to do or other runs scouting for supplies and such.
And today, in what turned out to be quite a bit cold by Norfolk Virginia standards, Donna decided she wanted to do a run. Not at the naval base, but with the outskirts of Norfolk itself, with it being winter and uncharacteristically cold by the area’s standards she imagined. It might slow down some of the walkers especially if it was below freezing. Who knew? No one could check the actual temperature but it was worth a try, even if it was not that cold.
Donna also remembered the date Caden wanted back in Richmond. She did not forget, and she wanted it too. The couple had lost the opportunity to have that with the storm. In fact being separated from him during the ordeal really gave Donna worry. So when the couple reunited after they always seemed to hover in each others orbit and not being very far away from each other. Hearts had a way of doing such things.
In fact, when the group left Richmond and moving on to Norfolk. Caden and Donna both shared a horse riding on the way there. With Donna sitting in front of Caden with Caden’s arms around her to hold on to the reins. It gave the couple a bunch to think about.
So when Donna was looking around base camp, for a run partner. Caden was naturally her first choice, she wanted him around. Even if most times she was defiantly stubborn and independent, she felt better in his presence, safer. And doing so allowed them both to do the run, and have that date and enjoy each others company.
The two were now on the outskirts of Norfolk, on foot, with the intended goal of finding supplies, food, clothing, medicine. And finding something fun to do. There was an auto body shop and garage for Harley’s run down and abandoned and a small crafts store too, and a few other places.
“It looks quiet enough.” She said scanning the area, while walking beside him.</font>

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