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Charmaine Pace


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Aug 22 2017, 12:24 PM
When: Fall '13, mid morning
Where: IRA Ranch House
Who: Devlin Whalen and Charmaine Pace
What: Char and Delvin do some sparring and chatting


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Char wrapped her knuckles with strips of old t-shirts to protect them. Before the outbreak, she would have done this with bandages or tape, but that sort of thing was reserved for medical emergencies these days. So she made do, stripping tshirts that had been stained and damanged beyond use as clothing, cutting them down to the correct size, then sewibg lengths together. That they were reusable was nice, but the tape she'd used in her fighting days had stuck better. Still, beggars and choosers and all that. Char was just happy to have someone to spar with today. She ran drills every morning and evening if she didn't have somewhere to go, but practising the movement wasn't the same as sparring, where her reaction times could be tested and pushed to their limits and unpredictability became a factor.
Devlin, her sparring partner for the morning, was warming up. She'd already done her warm ups and now that her kncukles were wrapped she was ready to go. Not that she intended to hit him in the face hard enough to split her knuckles open or anything, but accidents happened. One lucky swing was all it took. Char knew she was a better technical fighter than Devlin, in a standard competition. She cod have taken him down, easily if it were judo. But they weren't in a competition and this was for practice. There weren't referees telling them how many points they'd scored and whether they'd pinned their opponent. This sparring was intended to prepare them for the real world, the world beyond the ranch house where they might have to fight for their lives. Char had trained to fight and win, but Devlin had trained once to fight and kill. Well, he'd been prepared to kill. She assumed. She didn't actually know a ton about his past, but from what she'd pieced together from conversations, from observation, and from having vaguely known who the IRA had been in Ireland thanks to her father's political rants, she thought her guesses were probably pretty accurate.
She unzipped her jacket, tossing it to the side. The early morning hours had come with a cool fog, but as the sun rose it got hotter and the jacket was now unecessary. She stood ready to fight in her sports bra and leggings, hair up in a ponty tail. "Any day now, grandpa." she teased . He wasn't really that much older than her, but he was so swrious she couldn't resist poking at him a little. She used to do this with Gerald, but he' left when his daughter and neice turned up with some frie ds. She couldn't blame him, either. It was nice having family around, but as far as she knew all of hers was dead. Mostly the were MIA, but after three years she'd learned not to hope or expect for them to turn up out of the blue. It had happened for Gerald, but that didn't mean it would happen for her too. She settled into a boxing stance as Devlin joined her in their makeshift ring. He was a boxer, so that was the style of fighting she assumed he'd begin with, but she knew a few different disiplines, partially out of curiosity and partially from her brief time in MMA. She'd been good, but others had been better, and had chosen to teach instead of trying to force her way into the competative world professionally. Devlin wasn't wearing a shirt either, and it revealed more of him than usual. A scar on his arm caught her eye and she moved. "Who shot you?" she asked, nodding to his arm. She recognized the type of scarring because she'd seen one before, though it was older. Devlins looked more recent. Fully healed, but maybe only a couple of years old. She entertained the thought that Alex's ex had been the one who shot him, but given the ugliness between them she doubted he'd have taken a shot at Devlin and let him live, or that Devlin would have allowed him to stay. She had to admit that things around here made a whole heck of a lot more sense when she was in the know.

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Aug 1 2017, 08:17 PM
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Arnold 'Arnie' Pace


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This is Arnie Pace, Char's uncle and Thomas Pace's younger half brother. They shared a mother, but not a father, hence the difference in looks and possibly the difference in personalities. Arnie is nearly his brothers opposite. He's laid back, most often described as 'chill' even by people who don't use the word 'chill'. He prefers casual clothes and would spend the rest of his days on a beach sipping mai tais if he could. He's pretty smart though, something he shares with his half brother, and became a teacher because of it. I'm thinking middle school science teacher, probably the teacher all the students are positive is a huge pot head at home. Whether he actually is or not is up to the player.
Growing up, Char spent more time with her uncle Arnie than she did her actual dad, which is where most of her easy going nature comes from. Most people, even some his age, refer to him as 'Uncle Arnie' because Char was around so often that it just became one of those things. He's also the reason she got into Judo as a kid, though he had no idea she'd get as far with it as she did. He's taken some Judo himself, though he's no where near as proficient as Char, possibly because he's like 65% pacifist.
During the outbreak, Arnie was likely at the school he taught at which was turned into a temporary Safe Zone. Where he went and what happened after it fell is entirely up to you, though it might be good to have had him leave the area for a while to explain why he hasn't looked for (and found) Char yet since she's stuck to Norfolk since the outbreak. Perhaps he was bused out to another safe zone outside the city or something, or maybe he had another reason for leaving the area.
PB here is Mark Ruffalo, I like it a lot but I'm open to other suggestions.


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Evan Carmichael

<span>Love Interest</span>

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Evan here is originally from Arizona. He joined the military right out of high school, initially because he didn't have much else to do with his life and it seemed like something he might do well in. He did do well in it, his calm and collected personality left him clear headed in heavy situations int he middle east. He trained to be a Dog Handler, and his partner Dax (literally the first name that popped into my head and you may change it) was a well trained German Shepard who's main job it was to sniff out explosive ordinance. Evan and Dax were back home in Arizona, visiting their loser of a younger brother, when the outbreak began. He was called in, and how things played out from there is up to whoever plays him. In the end, he needs to find himself in the Norfolk area of Virginia so that I can throw the lovely Ronda Rousey faced Charmaine Pace - Char - at him.
I can see him being a hardened man, tough and smart, but careful with important decisions. I can see him taking lives easily, but not without remorse for having to kill to survive. He's a soldier at heart, he'll kill to stay alive, but he isn't a psychopath who kills for pleasure or a murder who might take lives for granted. Bomus points if you can find a plausible reason for him to know how to wield a sword.
PB I have as Charlie Hunnam, I am open to other suggestions though!


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NOTE: There is a two week limit on these reserves. That means you get 2 weeks from replying to this ad, telling Jenks you're taking them, posting an app, or registering an account to get their app into the complete section for approval. After two weeks, I'll reopen the ad, have the app archived, and the character account deleted. If there are extenuating circumstances, send a PM to Jenks.
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