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Apr 12 2017, 10:14 AM
Where: Magical Hot Spring in what I'm assuming is an alternate dimension
When: Spring '13 (AU)
Time: It was maybe half an hour after sunset for Char, EST
Who: Mikayla Scott, Tyler McCarthy, and Sophie Silvers (posting order)
Spring Event Prompt: Stumble upon a hidden hot spring


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Char walked slowly through the fog, wishing that she hadn't been forced to hide from a small horde of walkers so late into the evening. By the time the coast had been clear, the sun had begun to set and a dense fog had rolled in from the sea. Normally she wouldn't have tried to make her way through this mess, but the place she had been hiding wasn't exactly a safe place to take a nap and the ranch the IRA called home wasn't that far off. It hadn't seemed like too big of a risk at first, when the first tendrils of fog came creeping in, but as the fog deepened she began to worry that perhaps she should have taken her chances hiding in that alleyway all night.
A noise came from somewhere nearby, causing Char to pause and look around worriedly. There was no telling which direction the noise came from, the fog dampened everything too much. She started, then shook her head. Probably her imagination playing tricks because of this damned creepy fog. Gritting her teeth, she clenched her hands into fists, digging her short nails into the wrappings around her knuckles and palms, and kept moving. When the noise came again, it was closer. She fought the instinct to just run blindly through the fog, but she did pick up her pace to a jog. The third time the noise came, she looked back over her shoulder, hoping to see something there, anything, to cause the ominous noise. She should have been watching where she was going. She stepped poorly, tripping and falling, her momentum carrying her forward too far to get her feet back under her. She'd taken a lot of falls in martial arts, and she fell correctly, slapping her palms and forearms to the ground to absorb her impact. At least, that’s what should have happened. Instead, she felt that dropping sensation pull at her gut, the one you get on the first big drop of a roller coaster, and had a sensation of flipping head over heels a couple times. When she did hit the ground it was on her side with a solid thud. There were a couple more thuds, but Char was too busy trying to shake off her disorientation to pay them much mind.
As she stood she looked around, concerned that whatever pit she'd fallen into - because what else could account for the abnormally long fall? - might be full of caught walkers. She was surprised to find that she was not, in fact, in a pit. Instead her eyes roamed over invitingly green evergreen trees, a smooth stone path with fluffy white banks of snow on both sides, and a still setting sun. She blinked, concerned now that she must have hit her head. It wasn't exactly warm yet in Virginia, but there most definitely hadn't been snow on the ground. The last of that had melted weeks ago. The fog receded into the tree line revealing three other figures on the ground. The other figures appeared to be moving too, and as she looked closer she realized she knew one of them. "Mika?" she asked, confused. She hadn't seen the other woman since she and her group had left taking Gerald Burns with them, back to where ever it was they called home these days. It was odd to find the girl back so soon... but then, Char wasn't entirely convinced she was in Norfolk anymore. She went to her, offering a hand to help her to her feet. She had more questions for Mika, but she was a bit more concerned about their current situation. She took another look around now that the fog had drifted into the trees and noted a sign posted at the edge of the small clearing, where the stone path lead away through the trees.
"Shangri La Hot Springs," she read aloud, a question in her voice. The little arrow at the bottom of the sign pointed down the path. Char looked to Mika "Do you have any idea where in the hell we are?" she asked, then remembered the other two people in the clearing "Or who those two are?" she added in a quieter tone, tilting her head in the direction of the two strangers.

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