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Age: 25
Primary Weapon: Walking Staff
Current Location: George Washington National Forest, VA
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Quote: Hope makes people good, a lot of the time. You hope for a brighter future, and resentment is outweighed.
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Ryder Hawthorne

Dirty Memphis 10

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May 24 2017, 02:39 PM
Jenks here with your group plotter for Dirty Memphis 10! For those who don't know much about DM10, they're a group of survivors gathered here and there by Ryder Hawthorne and her new friends. Until recently, they lived in her converted mechanic garage. Now they're settling into the Dragonfly Inn, the inn where Sam Evans worked as groundskeeper before the outbreak and has lived since.

This plotter is to serve as a messy place to plan group threads and plot and connect with other members of the group. There's also a more formal Group Information Page with more detailed information on their location, timeline, members, and some images. If you haven't yet, please go there and fill out any pertinent information for your DM10 charrie!

The Dirty Memphis Ten isn't actually a group of ten people. In fact, they aren't even from Memphis. They are on occasion dirty, but when the world ends showers can be few and far between. What the Dirty Memphis Ten are is a group of people slowly gathered and collected over the last three and a half years by one Ryder Hawthorne. Most were also present when one of the members found a way to concoct moonshine. The result of that evening was several hangovers and a group name: Dirty Memphis Ten. The name has no deep meaning, but it is one of the few truly pleasant memories the original members of the group have since the outbreak. Originally, DM10 were settled in the refurbished garage Ryder lived in before the outbreak. But once their numbers grew, she finally broke out the blowtorch, dusted off her welding skills, and removed the sheet metal she had coated the inside of the first floor with.

So, DM10 moved into the Dragonfly Inn. Some of their stuff they left at Ryder's garage for overnight visits and they maintained the garden there too, for a while. But that summer, just as the garden at the Dragonfly began to flourish, they were forced from their new home and out of Richmond in general. They traveled for a time, roaming from place to place as supplies allowed and as groups of walkers forced them away. Eventually, they ended up migrating into the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.

Currently, DM10 roams and scavenges on the edge of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. They've holed up in an abandoned house for the winter, hoping that they can survive here til spring. What they don't know is that quite nearby there's another group or survivors eeking out an existence.

Within the next couple fo months, DM10 will meet and join forces with a group of nomads who have been living in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Together they'll be led by a combination of Ryder and that groups leader, Brayden Mitchell.

Dirty Memphis 10 Member
To make plotting easier, here's a list of all the current players and characters in DM10
Player - Charrie - Former Occupation - Group RoleNPC Members
Player - Charrie - Former Occupation - Group Role

Future Members
Since there's going to be a sort of merger of two groups soon, I'm also providing the names of those who will join after that group merge. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT IN THE SAME PLACE RIGHT NOW. But I know some people like to get a jump on plotting!
Player - Charrie - Former Occupation - Group Role

Jobs/Skills Needed in DM10
The following jobs or skills that need filling in DM10.
Position(s) Completely Filled

Educators for children
Educators for adults (Weapons training, special skills, etc.)
Guards/Watch Duty
Supply Runners
Self-Defense instructors
Repair Workers
Child Care Professionals
Pantry Attendants
Inventory and Rationing


If you have any ideas for current or future plots for the group at large, feel free to mention them below or send me a pm at my Jenks account!
May 24 2017, 02:34 PM
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Group Info/plot:
<p>The Dirty Memphis Ten started as too many people crammed into a mechanic garage-turned-two bedroom apartment. After a drunken night of music and wild talk, they gave their group of survivors a name, one that had next to nothing to do with the actual people in the group. Ryder Hawthrone is their de facto leader, as the owner of the converted garage it only seems fair she get the final say on who stays and who goes. Unfortunately, they have grown too large for their current home and are in the process of moving.
<p>Location description: Currently, the group is in process of moving from their home in Ryders converted mechanic garage to larger accomadations at the Dragonfly Inn, a bed and breakfast located on the edge of Richmond, VA. It's a relatively short walk from one to the other, so the group still maintains the garage's roof garden. Their new home, which they haven't entirely settled into yet, is the Inn Sam Evans maintained before the outbreak began. It includes a small garden, once used for farm to table meals, a gazebo, duck pond, greenhouse, and about a dozen guest rooms. The kitchen is an odd mix of quaint farm kitchen appeal and industrial commercial hardware. The dining room, library, and sitting rooms all reek of cozy country cottage, right down to the antique end tables. The walls of the halls and some of the bedrooms have been recently redecorated with the artwork, mostly in charcoal, of one Samuel Evans in a fleeting attempt to hold onto sanity as he survived alone for nearly two and a half years.
<p>Types of Members:
<P> Ryder is an odd duck, the child of hippies and commune dwellers. She herself grew into an artistic and curious soul, one who prefers giving people a chance and helping before hurting. She's taken in several strays and hasn't been sorry for it yet, even though her home became overcrowded and must now be, essentially, abandoned. She was an artist, a metal sculpturist with expert welding skills, but also a lover of the enviroment with the green thimb to prove it. Among her band of lost girks and boys she counts a former musician, a scientist, a football player, and others. The professions and educations they received in their former lives don't matter to her, so long as they pitch in and try to help, they are welcome, and so are any others willing to give it a try in the new world. Those who wish to survive without abandoning their morals to the dangerous world around them are welcome, and those who have already made that choice are offered a second chance at survivng without giving in to the darker parta of their hearts.

Apr 27 2017, 09:22 PM
When: Spring 2013, early morning
Where: Richmond, VA
Why: Ryder and Sam wake up all snuggley after the night of drinking.
Who: Ryder Hawthorne and Samuel Evans

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</img><div class="dighead"> Crazy's what they think about me, </div> <div class="bonesub"> Ain't gonna stop cause they tell me so </div><div style="width: 250px; padding: 10px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; color: #efefef; text-align: justify; line-height: 110%; font-size: 10px;">

Ryder drifted in and out of wakefulness. There was noise in the room, loud voices and music, but her alcohol soaked brain had decided it was time for a nappy-pooh. She was vaguely aware that she laid against a soft, warm body. Her head lifted and lowered evenly as the chest she rested on drew breath. It wasn't until the warmth left her arms and shoulders that she realized someone's arm had been wrapped around her. Much to her sleep hazed annoyance, the sleep inducing warmth shifted under her head. She was lifted gently, then lowered onto the couch, and a low moan of annoyance tried to fight it's way from her lips. She wasn't sure if she managed it or not. The cool couch pillows brought her back toward awake, but before she could muster up enough energy to bring herself around, the warmth was back. It lifted her, drawing her off of the couch and into it's arms, and she snuggled in close to the warmth and breathed deep the comforting scent of whoever now carried her. The world swayed gently as she was carried and she was vaguely aware that she was being angled through a door way.
When the warmth lowered her into her bed, covering her with blankets, the coolness of the sheets finally succeeded where everything else had failed. Her eyes came open as a dark shape drew away from her. She reached out, grabbing the arm of whoever it was. The light from the moon outside fell across their face. Sam. She smiled sleepily, tugging at the arm. "Come back here, mister." she mumbled. The words, she knew, had not been loud enough or clear enough for him to understand. She tried again. "Don't go," it was clearer this time, but the arm still tried to draw away. She grumbled her annoyance, clutching the arm and rolling over, dragging the person attached into the bed behind her. He tried to tug away again, but Ryder rolled back to other way, laying her head on Sam's chest and twining her legs around one of his. She sighed happily, nuzzled her face against him, then settled. She drifted back to sleep in minutes.
The next time she woke, it was early. Pre-dawn light filtered in through the window above her bed, casting light shadows against the opposite wall. Her eyes were open and observing this before she had the conscious thought that she was awake. Her head was pounding and her stomach roiled. The bed under her seemed to sway and move. Someone needed to make the earth stop moving, she could feel it wobbling around under her. Slowly, it came to her that that wasn't the earth, it was her pillow. Memories started to drift into her mind and she realized that she felt like a hammer had fallen on her skull because she had a hangover. Luckily, there was a quarter bottle of Tylenol in the bathroom. If only it weren't so far away... She resolved to go back to sleep and worry about her hangover in a couple more hours. But the thought 'bathroom' had drifted into her subconscious and her bladder had responded. She needed to pee. Like, now. With a groan of pain she peeled herself from the sheets, wallowed out of her bed, and stumbled to the bathroom with half lidded eyes. She pushed the door closed and dropped onto the toilet to do her business, leaning against the wall by the toilet as if she might be able to sleep while peeing. When she was done, she forced herself to stand and wash her hands, filling a glass with icy cold water. a little rummaging and she found the Tylenol, a year past it's expiration date, but if she took four of them she was pretty sure they'd still work. Better than nothing. She swallowed them down the cold water and discovered how incredibly thirsty she was. She turned her sip into a gulp, chugging down the whole glass. Unfortunately, the water that had felt so wonderous going down hit her stomach and made it roil again. She grimaced, deciding that no, she wasn't going to vomit, but getting back into bed and remaining horizontal for the next few hours sounded like a great idea.
Ryder fumbled her way back to the bed with half lidded eyes, as if keeping them mostly shut would somehow keeping her from waking entirely. She crawled into the bed, dragging the blankets after her, until she found her pillow. No, that wasn't her pillow, it was too hard. She opened her eyes a bit more to truly take in her room for the first time since waking and realized it was a person. "Sam?" she said quietly, trying to remember how and why he'd ended up in here with her. Nothing came to her and she considered him for a moment, his chest rising and falling in the slow breaths of sleep. She smiled softly, stroking her knuckles against his cheek. He looked peaceful. She pulled the blankets up over him, then snuggled down into his arms again and fell back asleep with her head on his chest.

</div><div class="bonestag"> Samuel Evans | WORDS | NOTES
</div></div><div class="thanksnick"><a href="">♔ nickdiazfan</a></div></center>
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