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Jan 2 2018, 12:47 PM
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Jan 2 2018, 11:59 AM
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Two women walked along an abandoned highway, hugging the treeline. <B>“So then I tells him, ‘kiss my black ass ya greasy pig’. They slapped me resistin’ too!”</b> The paler of the two guffawed, never a care in the world for walkers. The pair of them could handle their own when it came down to it. They’d been alive these last four years hadn’t they? <P>

When she found her breath again, Dee looked over at her friend. <i> ‘Maybe next time you keep your mouth shut, eh Sparks?’</i> <P>

Clementine quirked an eyebrow as she adjusted the pack on her back. <B> “Next time? Girl, you must be dreamin’. I told you a million times, I ain’t goin’ back to jail! Nope! Some sucker out here get a bright idea to haul our asses into some kinda make shift jail well theys going to have to put a bullet in <i>my</i> head first. I don’ know about yous.”</b> They both sniggered together. For the next couple of miles they were quiet again. They did this, speak for a spell, and then hush up for a while. They’d figured out a system after all of these years and were comfortable in the silence together, they kind of had to be. <P>

They were headed east, hoping that if they walked long enough they would reach a coast. From there, Clem hoped they would find a boat that they could live on. Iron clad idea right? She was positive that there would be trouble along the way but if they could only get to that boat….<P>

It was midday, the sun warmed them enough that they could walk without scarves bundled over their faces. They’d made it about eight miles since the night before and were hoping they could go another five or so before they stopped for the night. The key was finding a place safe enough to sleep. When it was cold like this they favored indoors but if they couldn’t find anything they made do outside. The two former inmates were resourceful at this point because they had to be. <P>

Clem was trying to ignore her rumbling stomach when Dee stopped in her tracks. Clem almost ran into the back of her. She immediately went into alert mode. <B> “Wassup?”</b> She stood just to the right and slightly behind her friend. Her line of sight was just barely over the top of the other girl’s shoulder. <i> “Dead, 1 o’clock. They coming this way.”</i> Dee pulled out her fire axe, and Clem pulled the 12 gauge from behind her back. She checked to see if it was loaded (which is always was but she had to make sure). They both crouched. There was no outrunning the dead, not when they had your scent. The dead didn’t get tired. It was then they saw another figure, coming up behind the dead. At first Clem thought it was another walker but the quick, succient movements of the figure revealed otherwise. It was another survivor. Alone. <P>

Clem knew at this point that no one was really alone out here. Solo acts didn’t last long in the waste. Where there was one there was many. She’d met a lot of scouts in her day. <B> “Eh, yo.”</b> She whispered in Dee’s ear. <B> “We got a live one. What you feel like doin’?”</b> Clem tended to differ to Dee a lot, mostly because of age (Dee was in her late 40s), but also because the woman was a certified badass. <P>

<I> “The dead are far enough off. Do your thing. Let’s kick the tires and light the fires.” </i>

Clem smirked. Right now she had some dynamite on her, some gunpowder poppers, and an inordinate amount of fireworks. They’d only just raided a fireworks shop two days ago. Clem couldn’t resist. <B> “I’m thinking some Roman Candles.”</b> <P>

Ten minutes later and Clem had the blow torch ready, each of them held a set of roman candles. The wicks were lit. Dee’s went off first. Sending one flare up, followed by two more before the charge was complete. Clem went next. One. Two…….three….four. The fireworks exploded in the sky above and two the left over the two lane high way. Immediately the dead looked up and started to shuffle in that direction. That was their cue to circle around in the woods avoiding the dead completely. They could set off more later. When they came up to the side of the highway again about a half mile down the road, it was clear. <B> “Fuck…..lost the mouth breather.”</b> Clem wanted to find the person she saw, but at the same time, the day was waning and they needed to find a place for the night. x

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