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Feb 4 2018, 11:30 PM
Name: Nim-Sung Kim (Kim Nim-Sung); Nickname is Nim.

Birth place: Daegu, South Korea (Moved to Busan, South Korea)

I have a few choices. Jin Goo ,Song Joong Ki, Jung Ho-Seok (J-Hope In the same group as Jae's pb.), and Gong Yoo. I am open to any other pb's as long as they are Korean since the character is Korean.

He is Jae's older friend, or Hyung which Jae rarely called him. Only in formal or emotional situations. He viewed him more as a brother than just a friend and vise versa. Jae is 25 so, Nim would be older than that. I would say around 28-30.

For job, the main one would be working at Jae's mothers restaurant. Nim also has a small smidgen of military training. He served his mandatory time when he lived in Korea and stayed a year longer in. His college education is entirely up to you and if you want him to have had a second job is entirely up to you.

Just like Jae, Nim enjoyed music. Particularly, the underground rapping kind. He usually took stage with Jae and they would do stuff together. I've always viewed Nim as the piano player type as well.

Nim would have his minimal military skills along with being able to cook. Just like Jae, he knows Tae Kwon Do since they took classes together. As for any other skills, I'm open to him having as long as it fits with what he does. Korean military is not as intense as other ones. They are primarily used for peace keeping, but are combat ready. As for what he did in the military is entirely up to the player.

In any solo's I never really mentioned if Nim was with someone or dating or anything of that nature so this is entirely open for you to choose. I kind of picture him as the romantic type that would try very hard to make sure his lover was well, loved.

Nim lived a pretty decent life in the nice wealthy area of Busan.. Jae and his family knew each other before splitting ways. Jae's family stayed in Dague and Nim's family moved to Busan. A couple years after Jae's family left Korea, Nim followed on his own (As for his reasoning is up to you. Whether work,school, etc or because of what Jae was getting into worse than when he was in Korea). When it comes to his relationship and history with his family and others, I am a very open person for anything. When writing solo's, again, I did see him the type to love his family, but turbulence is okay.

Jae Young So and Nim Sung Kim's Relationship:
So, it's a bit of a doozy. They were practically brothers without actually being brothers. The Kim and So family were very close in Korea. Jae and Nim were separated when Jae's family moved to the US. Nim comes over at some point to find Jae not who he use to be aside from his love for music and tech. Many cases, Nim has had to pull Jae from some pretty messed up situations filled with pills and alcohol and kept it a secret from Jae's family until Jae almost died from being shot. Nim broke his promise and told Jae's parents which made him angry and cold to Nim for quite some time until he realized what he did was best. Jae promised he would stop and he did, for a few days anyway. Jae only really ever stopped when he had no choice and that was the apocalypse (Jae still drinks when he can find it). Nim is probably the only person that could tell Jae what's what without Jae coming back in complete anger. Nim actually scares Jae more when angry than his own father does. Even with the dumbness of Jae, they are still insanely close and Jae would lay his life down for him in seconds. Nim kind of views his parents as if his own, without replacing his own as he has a decently normal relationship with his own family.

***Im completely open to things being changed aside from the gender and race of the fc along with their relationship.***

Jan 11 2018, 12:10 AM
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Night Time<br>
OND; Virginia<p>

Jae sat in a slightly hidden area. He wasn't entirely an outgoing guy, it was rare he ever was. Especially in a place where he knew absolutely no body aside from two people. One he knew more than the other. He couldn't exactly stick around them all the time. They needed their space as much as he needed his. Not to mention, they worked now. Joining this place was hard for him. The people here mostly all had the same mind process and same, well, past career or close to it. If there was anyone who was like him and not from a military background here, he has yet to meet them. Jae kind of made his impact when he was told to prove what he could do and sparred with their leader. Needless to say, he won. Jae was actually slightly shocked by that. Assuming someone with her skill would beat him.When he started to adjust to the way the world was, he had decided he wanted to keep the fact he knew how to fight a secret. He didn't want people knowing and try to use it against him. He revealed it to Quinn on an occasion where they were in a pretty scary situation. He really showed only a very light amount of it, too.The sparring session with Gwen he had no choice to show it all or he wasn't sure entirely what would happen. Whether he got kicked out or they just deemed him useless. Hm, come to think of it. I should I have played to be useless so I'm not asked to do much. He huffed at his own thought, craving for the moment he could just forever be lazy. <p>

Smoke rolled off of Jae's tongue. He exhaled it with a small cough, stirring the smoke around. Jae reached his arms upward to stretch and grunted lightly, cigarette between his fingers. Truthfully, it taste horrible. It was very stale and old tasting, but it still had the same effect. Thankfully, alcohol didn't really get bad tasting. Not hard liquor anyway, such as the bottle between his feet. He leaned forward and picked it up and took a swig from it. Soju came in small bottles, but it was cheap. Cheap meant a quicker buzz, but it also meant a bad hangover. In the past, Jae was a heavy drinker. Bordering on an alcoholic, really. He didn't get hangovers then. As for now? He had no idea. It was alien to him to drink without the extra push, but maybe it was best to be at least a little clear minded instead of drunk and high. He exhaled slowly and barred his teeth some as the alcohol went down his throat. He wanted to savor it if he could. He had another bottle in his bag, but technically it was suppose to only be used for medical needs. Yet, they were in a place that had proper things. Why keep it then? He licked his lips before he rose the cigarette to take another drag. Jae hummed quietly to himself, a couple words of the song slipping past his lips. He took another sip before setting the bottle down next to him. He laid back with an arm propped behind his head as he looked up at the sky. As much as he was afraid of being in a compound, doing exactly what he was doing in that moment seemed so normal. Jae closed his eyes and smirked some. He knew he couldn't stay out here too long even with his jacket on. It was pretty chilly. <p>

Jae opened his eyes and looked around when he heard movement and people talking. He looked at the cigarette reaching its end and frowned. He blinked with a bit of a tired look and his eyes veered when he saw someone walking either toward him or to walk past. He just gave a small wiggle of his fingers to say hello.
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<div class="sunshinecredit">Blondie <a href="">JURATE</a></div>
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