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Kennedy Daniels


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Feb 20 2017, 10:40 PM
Season: Early Winter '12-13
Time: Mid Afternoon
Location: Alexandria; Joe and Kenna's Home
Tag: Joseph Edwards

They were lucky. Kennedy knew that. She wasn’t dumb. With the way the world was now, the fact that they had a home, a safe place, walls and electricity. It was amazing. But it didn’t change the pity, the pain and the sorrow that swallowed her whole each day. This world sucked. This world was hell. And there was just far too much time to think. The usual stress relievers weren’t as effective anymore. The things that used to keep her mind off the bad in the world didn’t help. Running was more for survival, working with children was still great but it hurt so much, and then there was Joe. It was just too much. And each time that she found herself with time to think, she found herself thinking ‘what if’.

So much could have, should have, been different for her and Joe. But it wasn’t. They should have been happy, had a child, had a family. The dead weren’t supposed to be walking dammit. Alexandria had been a blessing for them. Joe had gotten them there and Kennedy thanked him for it, at least in her mind she did. The memory of the actual words leaving her lips wasn’t there. Had she ever said it? While the loss of her child, the lack of mourning she’d seen in Joe, it was all so hard to deal with. She had trouble talking to Joe about any of it. It all made it so that she didn’t want to continue living, but she couldn’t actually ever bring herself to think about ending her own life. But she couldn’t allow herself to let the world devour her either. So she’d become a shell of the person she once was.

Staring off into the living room of their home, Kennedy allowed herself to be lost in the thoughts. She leaned against the island counter in the kitchen, her hands gripping the edge. Behind her on the stove, the kettle was slowly reaching a boil. Her duties for the day were complete. What else was there to do in her home? It was clean already, an easy task to keep up with how little was actually on the shelves. This was the kind of home that she and Joe had been looking at getting. This was the kind of home she’d wanted to care for and to raise a family in. Tears began to fill her eyes as she stared off into the empty space. The sound of a door opening and closing, the kettle whistling on the stove; none of it seemed to reach her.
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