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welcome to whispers into screams! this site is au post the season 4 mid-season finale. please read the rules and check out the canon list!

we are officially open as of july 17, 2015. stop in the cbox and say hi. have fun and don't get eaten! (by zombies or cannibals!)
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When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth was the slogan of a man's dream.

That man was John Hammond, the man who created a company which successfully brought dinosaurs back from the dead. Despite efforts to control this newfound power he had unleashed upon the earth, including restricting reproduction and countless safety measures, the dream ultimately came crashing down when Hammond was unable to fully open his beloved Jurassic Park.

But as with all things, dinosaur and human, life finds a way.

Learning from his predecessor's mistakes, Simon Masrani was able to do what Hammond couldn't, and he opened Jurassic World nearly a decade ago. Under his leadership, Jurassic World has thrived and become everything Hammond would have wanted. The animals are happy, the customers are happy, and his bank account is happy. Jurassic World provides jobs and entertainment on the surface, but underneath something much more sinister is lurking, waiting to be unleashed.

Ever want your favorite OC to walk amongst dinosaurs? This is your chance! We are an all-level, no word count, jcink premium site that is AU at the start of the first Jurassic World movie. Ready to visit the park?

Alright then, Hold Onto Your Butts!

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