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welcome to whispers into screams! this site is au post the season 4 mid-season finale. please read the rules and check out the canon list!

we are officially open as of july 17, 2015. stop in the cbox and say hi. have fun and don't get eaten! (by zombies or cannibals!)
skin credit goes to miss texas, custom structure scripts go to black, and the toggle cbox goes to subdevo. writing belonging to their respective writers.
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Ares Vicente Nomads 13-March 18 2
Athena Archer Nomads 4-April 18 4
Bridget Liddell Nomads 27-July 17 2
Carrie-Anne Sutcliffe Nomads 7-May 18 3
Elspeth Jayne Nomads 28-April 16 39
Erica Matthews Nomads 3-January 17 3
Eris Redthorn Nomads 27-January 18 4
Garrett Hoffman Nomads 25-April 18 2
Gloria Hawthorne Nomads 21-April 18 2
Jeremiah Tombs Nomads 26-April 18 1
Joshua Walker Nomads 4-May 18 5
Kara Maes Nomads 14-April 18 1
Leshawn Sanders Nomads 25-March 17 16
Luka Akers Nomads 8-April 18 0
Mariana Reyes Nomads 10-May 18 3
Monika Conway Nomads 14-May 18 0
Oliver Grimm Nomads 28-January 18 4
Rosetta Moonstar Nomads 25-December 17 0
Travis Simms Nomads 5-March 18 49
Tyrell Thomas Nomads 5-February 17 15
Valeria Flores Nomads 2-May 18 1
William Carter Nomads 29-November 17 0
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