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welcome to whispers into screams! this site is au post the season 4 mid-season finale. please read the rules and check out the canon list!

we are officially open as of july 17, 2015. stop in the cbox and say hi. have fun and don't get eaten! (by zombies or cannibals!)
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Current Season/Year:
Winter 2014

Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Abraham Ford Alexandria 18-November 16 171
Adam Bennett Alexandria 15-June 17 15
Annamarie Freeman Alexandria 12-December 16 83
Benjamin Daniels Alexandria 12-January 17 23
Blair Turner Alexandria 8-January 18 2
Brinley Caldwell Alexandria 29-May 17 15
Deanna Monroe Alexandria 27-February 17 49
Drake Parker Alexandria 26-July 15 35
Elijah Warren Alexandria 2-November 15 14
Elizabeth Webber Alexandria 2-January 18 0
Eugene Porter Alexandria 24-December 16 52
Gatsby Evans Alexandria 23-June 17 3
Glenn Rhee Alexandria 15-February 16 35
Graham Macmillan Alexandria 4-November 15 23
Jack Bradford Alexandria 8-August 17 4
Jamie Simms Alexandria 4-March 17 24
Joseph Daniels Alexandria 27-December 16 27
Kennedy Daniels Alexandria 3-January 17 8
Lex Kincaid Alexandria 12-June 17 9
Maggie Rhee Alexandria 12-August 15 89
Mikayla Simms Alexandria 24-July 15 50
Miranda Woods Alexandria 30-April 17 24
Rick Grimes Alexandria 15-May 17 21
Tessa Copeland Alexandria 15-May 17 30
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