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Blair Turner
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 09:05 AM

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The morning was silent. The sun seeped in through the paned glass painted a pattern across the room. In the light, the dust particles danced around like so many tiny snowflakes. A creek of a chair broke the silence of the room. Blair Turner leaned back against the spine of the chair and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She liked to start her days early. Here, in the meeting room of the courthouse they’d made into a school, Blair sat in relative silence.

A small lamp sat at the edge of her desk illuminating the piles of papers in front of her. A cup of hot water and honey sat on the other end of the desk. As she took another ginger sip from the mug, she wished (and not for the first time) that it was tea or coffee. When this baby was born she was going to drink as much caffeine as she could get her hands on. She’d all but lost her dependence on caffeine in the three years after the fall and before she came to Alexandria. She and Sam however, drank their weight in coffee in the first week they moved to the settlement. And now here she was, a year later, wishing she could wake up faster.

In her heart she knew the baby would be fine, but she didn’t want to risk it, not when rushing to hospital was out of the question. It scared the crap out of her knowing that she would have to deliver naturally, and likely without drugs. She also knew, one or both of them could die. Blair rested a hand on the top curve of her belly and took up her pencil with the other.

Class for the kids would start in about an hour and she wanted to make sure that she had all of her ducks in a row, so to speak. First half of the day was going to be math for the little ones. Later on around lunch she was teaching grammar to the teens. Tonight, if enough people showed up, she was going to host the first meeting of her book club. It was a rag tag sort of thing, this book club. Their selections were limited but she did manage to find several copies of The Great Gatsby in the town library. After putting the word out and getting a somewhat favorable response, Blair decided to green light the event and see where it went. If only for the reason of eating some of Carol’s cookies, Blair was excited.

When she finished marking up the last of the times tables, Blair put down the pen and picked up her copy of the Great Gatsby. She opened to where she had dog eared and started to read. The town was waking up outside the window. She saw Rick and Michonne walk beside each other towards the center of town, likely to talk to Deanna. She saw several other townsfolk, braced with their AKs headed for the wall for guard duty, steaming thermos’ of coffee in their hands.

Blair turned the page and sniffed, using her finger to wipe at her nose. She heard the front door of the courthouse open and listened as the footsteps moved closer and closer to her door. She dog eared again as she looked up. She smiled as the door opened. “Morning friend. ” She stretched her arms over her head in an attempt to wake herself up.

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