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 By the color of fire, we'll set you free, Seagrove, 11:42, Winter 2014
Grace Sterling
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 11:04 AM

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The cold wind sent a chill up Grace's spine as she and her companions pushed on, their boots softly echoing with every step along the cracked and overgrown pavements of Seagrove. The wreckage of cars, scattered and twisted, marred the urban landscapes around them and empty windows stared soullessly out at the small party as they pushed onward.
The chill of winter coursed up through her spine and she couldn't help but shiver and tighten her knuckles around the pistol grip of her Recluse. Despite how many awful situations she had been in with this gun she just could not let it go, it was too useful. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and cold sweat soaked her palms.

Grace found herself questioning why she had agreed to come on this run but then she glanced over her shoulder and offered Paul a small smile and remembered why, he had pulled her through so many truly shitty situations and she trusted him and Kinley, Annabeth was an unknown quantity. Looking around the town she could not help feeling a wave of melancholy over take her, once upon a time this place was full of life and now only ghosts clung to it's shattered doors and empty window frames. Rolling her shoulder Grace came to a slow stop, her eyes scanned the horizon of scattered residential buildings with a frown as she spoke softly. "I suppose this is as good a place as any to start searching, right?"

Annabeth Richards & Kinley Faris & Paul Volkland      Ridge Road, Seagrove     January 2014 11:42
Annabeth Richards
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 02:23 PM

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There had been a reason she had decided to come along on this run, but as Annabeth tugged the collar of her jacket up higher, in tighter, she wondered why she had talked herself into this. It might be winter, but being where the trees could break the wind was better than this. At least that was what her mind was leading her to believe at the moment. The trees of Uwharrie might offer a bit of a reprieve, serve as a wind break, but cold was cold, didn’t really matter where one was.

Annabeth knew it wasn’t the cold she had to be worried about, as her gaze shifted sideways to scan one of the wrecked, abandoned cars. She had not been this far east; at least not in over three years and when it came to searching for supplies there was no telling what one might find. What one person might think ridiculous or useless might could be used by someone else, except it seemed, medical supplies. Everyone always grabbed them no matter if they needed them or knew what they were. She hadn’t had a need for much of the sort over the past three years, but now, she was settled somewhere and with people. People needed things, supplies. Hell, she wondered if it would be better to find a bookstore or library and look for a book on natural remedies and the like, which would come in handy considering they weren’t making Tylenol anymore. She let out a sigh, her breath rushing out in cloud of steam.

That had been why she had decided to come along on this run, books. Yes, she could have told one of the others, or at least Kinley, what she wanted but Annabeth kind of wanted it to be a surprise. Something she could show them that she was serious about sticking around and helping the community.

The car held no offerings and Annabeth returned her attention to the small group: Grace and Paul she didn’t really know and had only had the one meeting with Paul, which as far a first impressions went, Annabeth was still unsure. There was something about him that she could not quite put her finger on. Then there was Kinley, who she had met three years ago. There was no denying the fact that she was glad she had stumbled upon Jack that day, that they were all still there in the forest and that they were all still alive and safe. The life they had made for themselves, in the trees, was something she had never considered. Grace’s voice, low spoken words pulled her from her thoughts, and she nodded in agreement.

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