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 Announcement Eight, Welcome to Spring!
 Posted: Mar 20 2017, 01:36 AM

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Hello Everyone!

Can you believe it's almost April!? I can't! Time sure has been flying by. The staff has been busy doing some spring cleaning around the site. With the increase of people in and around the Washington DC area, we've changed the forums up a little bit. You will find now that there is a new main forum for Washington DC! At the end of this announcement, I've added a list of the new forum order.

With this changing of the forum, the staff would like to put out a reminder to all of the members of Rick's Convoy. They have not yet joined Alexandria and thus threads shouldn't be posted there. To clarify things a little bit more, Rick's Convoy is hanging out a little south of Arlington, VA. They're in what was once upon a time as safe zone (at the beginning of the outbreak). Any threads that the staff find need to be moved (generally any in Maryland) will be moved into the main VA forum. If you have any questions about this please PM Jenks for more information.

There are some other changes happening around the site as well. Firstly, the activity check date will be changing. I'm finding it a little too hard to deal with being in the middle of the month. As such, this month's activity check will be extended back to the first of April. All following AC's will happen at the first of the month as well. This means we will be checking for post counts for following month.

Secondly! We are going to be updating the cbox to the newer version. As such the old one will be removed from the site. For those of you that use the cbox on mobile devices with just the cbox link, the new link is:

Third! The spring event will be announced soon! Keep an eye out for it!

And fourth, The staff is compiling a list of all pregnant women and children that are NPCed. This isn't for any restrictions or anything, it is just a simple list of reference for the staff. If you have any characters that are pregnant or any children stated traveling with your characters, please PM Jax so we can get you on the list! If you have plans for your character to get pregnant at some point, the staff would love to know (again, just for reference nothing wrong!)

I think that's it, everyone! Thanks so much for sticking with me through that! Remember, if you have any questions or comments or concerns please feel free to PM any of the staff! (Jax, Jenks, Vic, Amy, Mars)

-Jax and the WiS Staff

New Forum order (not all old subforums are included) Bold are the new forums.

St. Marys City

Washington DC
The White House
American University
National Mall
Smithsonian Institution
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
Navy Yard
Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Suburbs of DC

George Washington and Jefferson National Forest

North Carolina
Unwharrie National Park

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