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 What Will It Be?, Tag: Kennedy/Jax
Deanna Monroe
 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 05:04 PM

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Where: Alexandria, Specifically Deanna's Study
When: August 2011
Season: End of Summer 2011
Tag: Kennedy

You are One of Us.

That's the right answer.
After Joe's interview, there was only one person Deanna wanted to talk to: Kennedy. She heard the couple's story from Joe and now she needed to hear the words from the wife's mouth, to know how she was feeling. Deanna had lost a child of her own, a long time ago and it was hard. She wanted to know how Kennedy was dealing with her issues, as well as let her know that should she need support, Deanna was here for her. She knew where she was coming from, although Deanna's own miscarriage had been much less traumatic, if there was such a thing.

Deanna lined up her camera again, after making sure that she had Joe's interview on file for later. She checked the connections and made herself more presentable. Before she asked Reg to bring Kennedy in, she went downstairs and made sure the thermostat was set a few degrees cooler. The air conditioner would kick on in a few minutes and then Deanna could shut the window and relax a bit. As nice as the summer was, Deanna almost preferred the cooler months. It was always easier to warm up than it was to cool down, in her opinion.

Deanna returned to her study and waited for Kennedy to be brought in. "Hello. I'm Deanna Monroe," She said, extending her hand for Kennedy to shake. "Do you mind if I record our talk today?" She asked the woman, gesturing to the chair across from Deanna's couch that she could sit on. She hoped for an immediate yes, but readied her defense in case Kennedy asked why she needed the interview recorded. If Kennedy was even the slightest bit uneasy, Deanna was certain she could sway the woman to her side.

Once the interview was officially under way, Deanna began her questions. They had to start light; start easy. There was no sense in jumping right into the nitty gritty. Above all, Deanna wanted to get to know the new members of her group. She needed them to trust her. "As I said before, my name is Deanna Monroe. Before all this I was a U.S. Congresswoman. Ohio, 15th District. What did you do?" She asked, trying to figure the answer out herself with her eyes. This woman had been running around with a bunch of teenagers and her husband. She'd have to be fine-tuned with her own motherly instincts to make it work. Perhaps she had been a teacher before this? Or a nurse? There were endless possibilities. This was what she loved most about these interviews. It was an opportunity to piece the puzzle together. To see what really makes a person who they are. Deanna patiently waited for an answer. She had all day to get to know this woman and she was certainly going to make their time together count.

To: Kennedy Edwards || Notes: Can be rapidfire if you want.
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Kennedy Daniels
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 07:18 PM

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A year. A full year had passed since she'd lost her baby; since she'd nearly been run over. There had been times that she wished Joe hadn't pulled her out of the way. Times that she wished she could have died right then with her baby. But she was getting better, at least a little bit. She did more to care for herself, did more to stay alive. But it wasn't much. If it weren't for Joe, if Joe left her she knew she'd give up. Things were better now though, easier. A few days ago they'd been brought to Alexandria. A place where you could forget about the dead, about the crumbling world. Everything within these walls seemed so perfect. It made Kennedy sick. She'd lost so much in the first months of all of this. Finding this place now just made her hate them all. As far as she could tell most of them had been here since the beginning of it all. Hadn't had to suffer the loss like she had.

Deanna was the leader here. That much was clear. It was only a day or so after they'd been given a place to stay that Deanna was summoning her to meet. What did the woman want? Kennedy had no idea, the one who had delivered the message had told her it was something everyone went through, an interview. Kennedy didn't feel much like talking but she wanted to stay here, wanted Joe to stay here, and she had a feeling if she didn't comply that they wouldn't be allowed to stay. She'd begrudgingly pulled herself from the couch and out into the hot sun to walk to Deanna's home. Her shirt was clean for the first time in months and it felt weird, Kennedy kept fiddling with the hem of it as she waited to be brought to Deanna. How long was this going to take?

Finally, an older gentleman came to get her and bring her to Deanna's study. Pausing in the doorway, Kennedy gave the room a quick once-over. It wasn't something she'd have picked out, but it wasn't an uncomfortable room. Flicking her brown eyes to the older woman before her, Kennedy took her hand in a stiff handshake, dropping her hand from the other woman's as quickly as she could. "Kennedy Edwards." She gave a shrug at the woman's question about recording the talk as she sat in the chair. Kennedy perched herself on the edge of the seat, clasping her hands in her lap. She remained quiet, studying the woman in front of her as she waited for whatever questions she had. The quicker she was out of here, the quicker she could get back to being alone. She listened, uninterested in the words that Deanna spoke until she asked the first question.

What had she done? Her body stiffened a little at the question and she cast her eyes down to her hands, some of her straight long brown hair falling into her face. "Daycare." She said, her voice barely above a whisper and strung tight with emotion. She hated thinking about her past. Her baby should have been about seven months old by now, he or she should have been here with her, should have been in the daycare that she had planned to run from their home. Kennedy let a long pause sit between the two of them before she spoke again, her voice still tight. "I worked in a daycare and was preparing to open my own home daycare." Her head lifted as she spoke, looking towards Deanna again. But her eyes didn't hope much emotion, the light that she once had when talking about her work with children was gone, or mostly gone. The spark, the love was still there, buried deep, deep beneath the pain.

Deanna Monroe
Notes: We can do this rapid fire now if you want. Kennedy just had a need to set the scene XD
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